MUnet Password Utilities

MUnet Password Utilities provide web based methods for changing your MUnet password. You may also specify a secret question and answer so you can change your own password in the event you forget it.

I would like to change my MUnet password

I would like to change/create my secret question & answer

I have forgotten my MUnet password and would like to answer my secret question that I have on file

Other (Non-MUnet) Password Utilities

The following utilities provide web based methods for requesting a password reset for services that do not utilize the MUnet password. Not all such services have a web based method; those that do are listed below. To access these services please choose the relevant link noted below; you will then be asked to login with your UniqueID and MUnet password in order to confirm your identity.

I would like to have my password for my Tivoli backup account reset.