MUnet Default Passwords

About MUnet MUnet Passwords

MUnet passwords are used in conjunction with your UniqueID to access a variety of services at Miami. Many web based services, such as BannerWeb, Canvas, and myMiami use your MUnet password.

Mandatory Default MUnet Password Change

Your MUnet password protects a variety of information about you, such as classes you are taking, grades and email. In order to protect such information, the use of default passwords (those passwords used when the account is created) is discouraged. To achieve that end, many of the frequently used web based services are integrated with a system to check for and require the change of default passwords.

Web Authentication Services (WAS) checks your password and guide you through changing it from the default value. For example, logging into myMiami or BannerWeb using your default password will trigger the change process. While only certain web based applications provide this service, the change to your MUnet password is immediate and impacts all applications and services which use it.

Mandatory Periodic MUnet Password Change

In order to further protect your private data, the University has implemented a policy that requires a periodic change of MUnet passwords. This policy is implemented using Web Authentication Services (WAS), just as the required default password change. As with required default password changes, only certain web based applications support requiring the periodic change, but the change immediately impacts your MUnet password and all applications and services which use it.

The standard policy for required periodic password changes specifies that passwords must be changed every 180 days (six months). The first time you access a service that and you are due for a password change, a grace period begins during which you may continue to login, but are asked to change your password each time. The standard grace period is 14 days. After the grace period is over, you must change your password.

Default MUnet Passwords

Where possible, Miami uses default passwords built from your birthday and Social Security number. The structure of the default password is:

two digit birth month

two digit birth date

last four digits of Social Security number (or the last four digits of your Banner ID if you do not have a Social Security number)

For example if your birth day is April 8th and your Social Security number is 123-45-6789, your default password should be:


If you need further assistance with your password, see the help page.